Celebrating Raintree at the International Property Awards!

After some very, very late work nights and a short trip to Thailand, we have some big news to share…

We are thrilled to announce that Raintree has been awarded Cambodia’s “Best Office Development” in the 2017 International Property Awards, in association with the Telegraph UK, Grohe and Emirates Airlines. The awards commend world-class standards in development, architecture and design, and we were honoured to represent Cambodia in the Asia Pacific region.

  Team Raintree says “cheese!” at the official IPAX Conference and Awards Gala

Team Raintree says “cheese!” at the official IPAX Conference and Awards Gala

With the awards running for over 20 years and a distinguished judging panel comprised of industry professionals from the British Property Federation through several ‘starchitect’ studios, we are happy to be recognised in such a new market. The awards application involves a lengthy submission process covering architecture, layout, interiors, sustainability, security and innovation. The panel recognised Raintree’s commitment to the community and highlighted it’s collaborative design. Take a look at some of the other developments that made the cut from all over the world here.

  The International Property Awards “Wall of Fame” feature on Raintree

The International Property Awards “Wall of Fame” feature on Raintree

All of this could not be possible without the sheer determination and hard work from our team and partners, that we would like to personally thank.

Pisnoka International Corporation: for continuing to push standards of Cambodian construction and mobilising their team 24/7
Fuxin Steel Buildings and ISI Steel: for the highest grade steel materials and engineering
Our Team: for burning the midnight oil throughout the project
Our Tenants: for believing in our project and choosing Raintree as your professional home. This award is a reflection of our team’s commitment to providing you the best space we possibly can, as we continuously strive to improve our development.

We could not be more thankful for everyone’s combined support, and we hope this enables us to continue contributing to the Phnom Penh urban landscape and local community. Onwards and upwards…

With much gratitude,

Zoë and Hok


Submission credits
Killer layout and design: Wen Sheng Teh
Stellar photography: Samjam Photography

Behind the scenes: Raintree in the making

It took a whirlwind 12 months to design and build our first project, but a much longer time to conceive it. From ideation, to conceptualisation, to floor planning, to interior design and finally construction - there’s so much that goes into creating great space.

Our journey of creating workspace began when our co-founders returned to Cambodia to start their own companies - a design studio and a development firm. They struggled to find workspace that inspired creativity and fostered innovation. Their choices were taking spaces in traditional office towers or converting existing townhouses or villas into offices. As young entrepreneurs themselves, they also wanted to be part of a collaborative and dynamic professional community. This was the genesis of our first project.

Here’s a short video that gives a bit of insight into the story behind Raintree, the making of the project and its aspirations.

If you enjoyed watching and haven’t visited us yet, come say hi and take a look! Appointments can be scheduled by emailing hello@raintreecambodia.com.

Team Raintree


Thanks: to the talented team at Studio M

Featuring: Pisnoka International Corporation, Fuxin Steel Buildings, Hok Kang Architects and Urbanland Asia

What a year! Raintree reviews 2016

 What a year! Raintree reviews 2016

After a hectic start to 2017, we’ve had a chance to reflect on what has been one crazzzy year. The team hit some big milestones with our design and construction completed in just 12 months, launching the development in autumn and finally our grand opening last December. It has been a rollercoaster ride filled with both challenges, learnings and accomplishments. Take a look at our review of 2016 here.

Why education matters to everybody, especially Raintree

Why education matters to everybody, especially Raintree

Recently, we've noticed that education has been the centre of many activities and events in Phnom Penh. From various schools to public and private organisations, there has been a lot of energy in trying to improve educational outcomes through various initiatives. Such initiatives are critical to building momentum to innovate new solutions within the sector. For educators and non-educators, here's a few of the programmes in the city by a multitude of organisations.

Behind the scenes with a Raintree architect

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 9.33.53 AM.png

We are honoured to share that one of our very own architects was featured in the Proud to be Cambodian video series. Not only does Raintree build workspaces to attract and inspire progressive tenants to pursue their professional passions, we are also glad to know that even the process of building is meaningful to the people behind our projects.

Proud to be Cambodian is an online series that features Cambodians from all walks of life. From being able to build robots to falling in love with the rich cultural heritage, each person interviewed has a story to tell and has their very own rendition of why they are proud to be Cambodian.

In the video, architect and urban designer San Chanritthy from HKA (Hok Kang Architects) shared that he is happy to be given the opportunity to help shape the modern city of Phnom Penh. He envisions Raintree becoming a hub where creative organisations can grow through the different designed spaces - from a cafe integrated on the ground floor, along with the indoor event and outdoor terrace common spaces on the roof, so that tenants will be able to come together and collectively invest in new ideas.

In tandem with Raintree’s official launch, the video has already been generating a lot of buzz in the digital sphere, garnering more than 94,000 views, with over 2,600 likes and more than 500 shares on Facebook!

Watch the video below for a sneak peek of our project vision from Chan:

For more inspiring Proud to be Cambodian stories check out their facebook page here.