This year is a wrap! Raintree reviews 2017

With Christmas almost upon us, we can’t help asking ourselves “Where did 2017 go??”. The year has flown by for Team Raintree in a whirlwind of new office and retail tenants, education conferences, and startup events.

Raintree Team

To review our project in 2017, we thought it would be fitting and fun to give you a rundown of our top stats from this year:

  • Over 30 office and retail tenants in the Raintree professional community 
  • Over 100 events in the Canopy and the Crown
  • ~16,000+ visitors to Raintree for meetings and events
  • 8 press features and awards for the Raintree office project
  • ~21,582 cups of coffee drunk in Raintree offices
  • ~384 cookies consumed at *Christmas @ Raintree*
  • 45 entrepreneurs presented at *Christmas @ Raintree*
  • 5 reindeer on the Raintree Christmas tree

At our inaugural *Christmas @ Raintree* festival earlier this month, our mission was to celebrate the year with our broader community, from all ages and backgrounds. Pop-up markets are a relatively new concept in Cambodia, but we felt it was a great opportunity to bring together partners, friends and family in a more chill and Christmassy setting. The first ever edition curated a selection of creative brands, entrepreneurs, makers and designers both from the Kingdom and all across the region. Good thing we had plenty of cookies, as we were so overwhelmed with the turnout!

Raintree Team at the Canopy

As we close the year, we look back with thanks for all the people in our community who have helped us grow Raintree on it’s journey to become so much more than just an office space. We also look ahead to 2018 in anticipation of new projects, new collaborations and new partnerships. We can’t wait to see what the future holds, and in the meantime…

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Team Raintree