Raintree's media mentions - property, property, property!

Raintree in media

This year is flying by at Raintree HQ, as we’ve been working on a whole new events program as well as undertaking some major redesign projects (which we have already been revealing slowly this month!). In the meantime, here’s a run down of our media coverage this year where our co-founders have been busy talking about the fast-developing property sector in Cambodia, plus snippets from their respective entrepreneurial journeys.

 Property Special Report 2018

The annual Property Special Report by the Southeast Asia Globe, surveys the latest developments, trends and actors in the Cambodian real estate sector. Both our co-founders discussed how Raintree creates a collaborative office culture, through the unique design of the project’s physical environment. They also give a couple of tips on how to get that same look and feel in your own office space. Full article link: 

Focus Cambodia - 2018 edition

In this year’s business overview of the Kingdom - Focus Cambodia - we were honoured that our co-founder appeared alongside some amazing colleagues in their feature “Ten entrepreneurs defining Cambodia’s future”. Read the brief about how she and others took innovation lessons gleaned from previous workplaces to set out on their own, article here:


Southeast Asia Globe - the Interview

In an exclusive interview with the Globe, our co-founder Hok gave a rare peek into his life journey so far - from his childhood in Cambodia, his university life as an architecture student, through his move back to Phnom Penh to start his own design firm. He shares some of his challenges, approaches and inspirations in design in the article here:

Forward - Business Lifestyle

In their inaugural edition, new business lifestyle magazine Forward interviewed our co-founder on her love of Cambodia, how she came to found projects in Phnom Penh, and her aspirations for the local economy. She also gives some tips on how she takes a break from her hectic entrepreneurial schedule to enjoy the Kingdom’s capital. Read the full article in Khmer here: