TOP 10: Architecture Photography Challenge in Phnom Penh

Raintree’s Away Day last month marked our inaugural Architecture Photography Challenge, celebrating the architecture and design of the capital. We believe incredible architectural inspiration is right on our doorstep - so for our summer ‘Away Day’ this year, we collaborated with Khmer Architecture Tours to get out of the office and experience our landmarks first-hand, to spur our own creative learning.

5 everyday objects transformed into design wonders

Although one might not imagine it today, Phnom Penh once heralded the "little Paris of Asia" was an architectural golden child of the 1950s and 60s. Cambodia more widely, was known as a country with rich and diverse architecture since the mid 20th century, with several institutional and iconic buildings constructed during the French colonial era across many provinces in the nation. One of the most notable and celebrated Khmer architects - Vann Molyvann - was particularly prolific in the 60s, many of whose projects can be found in Phnom Penh. What may be surprising, is the inspiration for many of these buildings borne from Khmer objects found in everyday life.

Behind the scenes with a Raintree architect

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We are honoured to share that one of our very own architects was featured in the Proud to be Cambodian video series. Not only does Raintree build workspaces to attract and inspire progressive tenants to pursue their professional passions, we are also glad to know that even the process of building is meaningful to the people behind our projects.

Proud to be Cambodian is an online series that features Cambodians from all walks of life. From being able to build robots to falling in love with the rich cultural heritage, each person interviewed has a story to tell and has their very own rendition of why they are proud to be Cambodian.

In the video, architect and urban designer San Chanritthy from HKA (Hok Kang Architects) shared that he is happy to be given the opportunity to help shape the modern city of Phnom Penh. He envisions Raintree becoming a hub where creative organisations can grow through the different designed spaces - from a cafe integrated on the ground floor, along with the indoor event and outdoor terrace common spaces on the roof, so that tenants will be able to come together and collectively invest in new ideas.

In tandem with Raintree’s official launch, the video has already been generating a lot of buzz in the digital sphere, garnering more than 94,000 views, with over 2,600 likes and more than 500 shares on Facebook!

Watch the video below for a sneak peek of our project vision from Chan:

For more inspiring Proud to be Cambodian stories check out their facebook page here.