Behind the scenes: Raintree in the making

It took a whirlwind 12 months to design and build our first project, but a much longer time to conceive it. From ideation, to conceptualisation, to floor planning, to interior design and finally construction - there’s so much that goes into creating great space.

Our journey of creating workspace began when our co-founders returned to Cambodia to start their own companies - a design studio and a development firm. They struggled to find workspace that inspired creativity and fostered innovation. Their choices were taking spaces in traditional office towers or converting existing townhouses or villas into offices. As young entrepreneurs themselves, they also wanted to be part of a collaborative and dynamic professional community. This was the genesis of our first project.

Here’s a short video that gives a bit of insight into the story behind Raintree, the making of the project and its aspirations.

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Team Raintree


Thanks: to the talented team at Studio M

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