Never a Dull Moment at Raintree’s Launch

Expect the unexpected because Raintree is committed to doing things a little differently

The Raintree team is back again to give you an update on our official launch.

After months of hard work from many, many people, we were so happy to be able to deliver a vibrant, one-of-a-kind event to officially launch our space with some of our professional friends. Over 250 guests were dressed to the nines as they checked into the Canopy event space for a night of jubilant celebration that featured TED-style talks from social entrepreneurs, tech startup founders, architects and even a mezcalier!

Renowned mixologist Jen Queen mesmerised the crowd as she crafted an exquisite cocktail featuring Brown Coffee’s potent cold brew, Mezcal Alipús, and a house-made cinnamon hazelnut milk liquor, live on stage. This lethal concoction, named the “Oaxacan Wake Up Call”, injected a good ol’ dose of energy into the launch party and ensured all our guests stayed wide awake through the event!

As the only certified Master Mezcalier in the region, Jen is part of the 26 people worldwide who are connoisseurs in this field of expertise. In case you didn’t know, Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from agave, a plant that hails from Mexico. Jen’s quickfire masterclass on the magic of mezcal, injected with a tinge of humour, kept attendees on the edge of their seats as she busted some common myths and misconceptions.

Other Conversations @ the Canopy included speakers Michael Michalec, founder of EdTech Asia, which aims to be the regions’ catalyst for education entrepreneurs and innovation, and Chris Wigley, CCO at data analytics and visualisation company Quantum Black.

Chris shared his thoughts on the challenges that occur with working with teams comprised of individuals from different fields and sectors, but the potential innovation and magic that can result from such professional ‘collisions’. These meaningful themes, revolving around the importance of cross-sector collaborations and innovations, also hits close to home for Raintree.

The crowd at our launch party were left mesmerised by a variety of presentations given by Friends of Raintree

The crowd at our launch party were left mesmerised by a variety of presentations given by Friends of Raintree

Hok Kang then took the stage to share with us his aspirations for rural housing in Cambodia. Hok is of course, one of our co-founders, but you have probably unknowingly seen his work around Phnom Penh, as he leads the team that designs Cambodia’s very own Brown Coffee outlets.

Many Friends of Raintree came to celebrate with us, flying in from all over Asia and beyond. These included John Tan, the founder of Saturday Kids and co-founder of Collision 8, a collaborative innovation workspace in Singapore, Soon Wei Ee, founder and CEO of APW Malaysia, a repurposed printing house transformed into a creative campus and Jin Ng, co-founder of the Paramount Coffee project, pushing the art of coffee in Australia and California.

Raintree would also like to give a shout out to guests closer to home, including Julie Chung, Chief of Mission for the US Embassy Cambodia, Leonie Lethbridge, CEO of ANZ Royal, Chay Sila, founder and CEO of Sabay, Stephen Paterson, Academic Advisor for the National University of Management & founder of the Mekong Business Challenge, Kate Heuisler, Chief of Party of Development Innovations, and Alberto Cremonesi, Co-founder of Impact Hub. We were thrilled to share our launch with such a diverse professional and creative community.

Playing ‘word salad’ at the Raintree photo area where friends gathered to create literary snaps to remember the night

Playing ‘word salad’ at the Raintree photo area where friends gathered to create literary snaps to remember the night

The evening was also a chance to show how the indoor ‘Canopy’ and the outdoor ‘Crown’ event spaces can be transformed and adapted for totally different types of events.

Our co-founder, Zoë, said, “The Canopy really sums up what Raintree is about – a meeting place, a space for collaboration and inspiration and where people come together to share passions and ideas. Although we have already hosted a few events since we opened, the launch was a chance to show how this space can be experienced and hopefully inspired people to use it, and our other facilities, as tenants, visitors and friends.”

No party is complete without great snacks! Our guests were treated to some mouth watering treats courtesy of our partners

No party is complete without great snacks! Our guests were treated to some mouth watering treats courtesy of our partners

Enjoyed reliving the launch night with us? This might be the end of the article, but it is merely the start for more creative content to come… Check back soon for other events lined up in 2016, and for news of our upcoming Grand Opening!

Team Raintree


Special thanks to our event partners and sponsors:

Welcome to the Raintree Blog!

Raintree Cambodia Exterior

Hi everyone and welcome to the first post on the Raintree blog!

As the construction of Raintree verges on completion we will use this blog to keep you updated during a busy few months which will include our official launch, a great line-up of events at our spectacular rooftop event space - and the opening of some fantastic retail and f+b outlets on the ground floor. As many of you will know, Brown Coffee has already opened its newest store Brown Raintree in the building – a cool, airy and relaxing spot that is already proving hugely popular. We are so proud that one of Cambodia’s most iconic and original brands is our first tenant – not to mention how happy we are that such a great cup of coffee is so close at hand on some of our more sluggish work mornings.

We are also delighted to welcome Poise Mera florist, next door to Brown, whose exquisite floral arrangements really have to be seen to be believed. We could honestly stand and stare in the window for hours – so much better than the latest Netflix box-set!

More tenants will be moving in – both in the retail units and in the office units upstairs – over the next days, weeks and months and we will keep you updated on the new arrivals as they open up shop.

One of the most exciting spaces in our new project is the Canopy, our event space that is nearing completion on the rooftop floor of the building. We are already getting lots of bookings and enquiries regarding the space, which is great as all the feedback is bringing us new ideas and inspiration for how we can transform the space for each event and make sure we add the perfect finishing touches. This weekend, we are thrilled to be making history in the Canopy and inaugurating the space with Startup Weekend's first edition solely focused on education in Cambodia. Startup Weekend Education Phnom Penh will be a mad 54-hours of bringing education startup ideas to life, with a host of education experts as mentors. Drop by to watch some of the action!

Looking forward, for us at least, the event space is all about our launch night in mid-October and we are busy putting together what we hope will be a really memorable celebration. We will have a stellar line-up of international entrepreneurs sharing their passions, a world-class array of cocktails and some amazing food to keep our guests energized for what promises to be a big night out in Phnom Penh!. Watch this space for more details and surprises as the big day gets closer.

Thanks for visiting our website and for reading the blog!



In future features on the blog we will be sharing some of the great news and media on the project as well as sharing our thoughts on things we’re passionate about - education, entrepreneurship, design, architecture and anything else that takes our fancy. Look out for some amazing guest writers too... Don’t forget to stop over at our Facebook page as well and leave us some comments or share any content that has caught your eye.