Raintree’s Media Mentions - wrapping up 2016

Raintree Cambodia media coverage

The Raintree team round off the year with our final media mentions of 2016. Our buzzing series of opening events were highlighted by the Khmer Times and Asialife magazine as we gave them an inside look into our development on the eve of our official launch. Looking forward, the second issue of Cambodian Property Investor featured Raintree in its outlook on new commercial developments in the city, and B2B’s interview with our co-founder Zoë Ng, shed some light on her aspirations for the project in 2017 and beyond. Take a look at the run down of Raintree in the news below:

The Khmer Times

One of the Kingdom’s main Anglophone publications, The Khmer Times introduced Raintree’s collaborative approach to workspace just after our official launch. The paper spoke to tenants to find out exactly what community means to them, and how the project directly supports young Cambodian entrepreneurs and businesses. Sophi Van, co-founder of Poise Mera florist and one of our retail residents remarked “Raintree’s management team has been extremely supportive from the start, through design, consultation and marketing plans”. Read the full article here: http://www.khmertimeskh.com/news/31068/communal-collaboration/

AsiaLife Cambodia

In last month’s Openings section, AsiaLife covered new openings from retail to restaurants and commercial developments alike. It featured Raintree as Cambodia’s first boutique office, and gave a brief overview of facilities including our rooftop terrace, event space and ground floor retail. Click here to see the full November issue: 

Cambodian Property Investor

With the explosion of construction in Cambodia, the recent issue of trade publication Cambodian Property Investor reviewed new commercial buildings in Phnom Penh and factors to consider when choosing a new office. With building ratings being relatively new to the Cambodian market, the article explains criteria used to classify buildings by Grade internationally, and describes how Raintree shapes up. Read the full article here, pages 6/7: 

B2B Cambodia

As Cambodia’s leading business magazine, B2B always stays up-to-date on real estate activity in the capital. They sat down for lunch with our co-founder Zoë Ng to find out more about her experiences in Cambodia, her perspective on development of the city and what’s in store next for Raintree. Read the full interview here:

That’s all from us for 2016, but see you in 2017 for more news, views and much more from Team Raintree!

Raintree’s Media Mentions v1.0

With the upcoming official launch of our development on the way, we have been grateful to be featured to various media channels. So here's our first media roundup to keep you posted on the latest news featuring Cambodia's first boutique office!

Geeks In Cambodia

Geeks in Cambodia published an interview with our co-founder Zoë Ng, where she shared behind the scenes info about Raintree: from concept creation to the culture of the workplace. Zoë also discussed Raintree’s aspirations for its impact on businesses in Phnom Penh and the dedication that this space has towards housing community activities for its tenants and the public. She ended the interview with her future plans for Raintree. To view the article in full, please click this link:

B2B Cambodia

B2B Cambodia spoke to some of the city’s real estate professionals on the next wave of city-changing developments, where not one, but three of Urbanland Asia’s projects were featured! We were so excited that Raintree was listed as one of the most anticipated commercial developments in Phnom Penh. Nigel Doughan, Commercial Leasing Manager at IPS Cambodia, remarked that he feels that Raintree will be “...an exciting place to take office space”. To view the article in full, please click the link here:

The Phnom Penh Post

Raintree was mentioned in an article in The Phnom Penh Post about the high demand in office space in Cambodia, with Raintree being one in several developing offices that will help meet such a demand. The article also acknowledged that the Raintree office space caters to a diverse range of industries such as design, finance, and even social enterprise, with a mix of local and regional companies. To view the article in full, please click the link here:

AsiaLife Cambodia

In the latest edition of AsiaLife Cambodia, the edition covered Cambodia’s rapid developments and considered what the future may hold, with projects such as the Raintree Cambodia helping to shape the landscape. To view the article in full, please click on this link:

BritCham Cambodia

As the leading forum for businesses with an interest in Cambodia and the UK, BritCham Cambodia recently published an article on the rising need for quality office space in Cambodia. The article mentioned Raintree’s attributes including flexibility in office space as well as the loft event space and outdoor terrace overlooking the Central Business District. To view the article in full, please click on this link:

The team will post regularly on Raintree’s latest news, so stay tuned for our next media roundup real soon!

The Raintree Team