Celebrating the first clowder of Coding Cats!

It’s all cheers, celebrations, and coding at Raintree, where 100 students gathered for the inaugural Coding Cats graduation and project showcase. This marks the completion of their 5-week creative coding course powered by Saturday Kids, that aspires to enable the next generation of curious, resourceful and self-motivated learners. We wanted to share a little more of their journey, and what the future holds.

Raintree's media mentions - tech + design

We have some real exciting highlights in our Q2’19  media roundup. From tech to architecture to design, we’re reaching across the Raintree family to bring you our project’s latest news. We’re particularly proud to celebrate our co-founder Hok Kang on recognition of his entrepreneurial and creative journey so far, including Wallpaper*, Southeast Asia Globe, D+A magazine and more! Read our full editorials from local to international media mentions here >>

Kingdom of Wonderwomen

Although every day is women's day at Raintree, this month is International Women's Day. At a time where gender and power are increasingly at the forefront of people’s minds, less than 5% of Fortune 500 companies had female CEOs in 2018. We review how we are engaging in gender and diversity this March, along with highlights from some of friends of Raintree who are doing fantastic work and organising events not to be missed.

Coding Party @ the Canopy

As part of Raintree’s mission to enable capacity-building and education programs in Cambodia, we are so excited to announce a brand new program launching in April this year. In partnership with the fantastic Saturday Kids from Singapore, Coding Cats is a 5-week program for students aged 15-18 years old, with a playful curriculum based on Scratch, a block-based visual coding language. Generously supported by USAID’s Development Innovations, we are looking for people passionate about technology and education to become trainers, with the opportunity to be trained in the flagship Saturday Kids pedagogy and a chance to visit their campus. Read more to find out about the program here >>

Cambodia riding the Valley wave?

Cambodia riding the Valley wave?

Cambodia has seen a sharp rise in entrepreneurial and tech competitions over the past decade. They come in various forms, from one-day pitches, two-day hackathons, to several rounds over several months. They also target different demographics from as early as secondary school students, through more mature business professionals. While venture capital is still in its infancy in Cambodia (at least by the Silicon Valley definition), competitions are a positive sign of things to come. Here's an overview of some of the startup competitions in Cambodia that Raintree has been excited to engage with this year.