Celebrating the first clowder of Coding Cats!

It’s all cheers, celebrations, and coding at Raintree, where 100 students gathered for the inaugural Coding Cats graduation and project showcase. This marks the completion of their 5-week creative coding course powered by Saturday Kids, that aspires to enable the next generation of curious, resourceful and self-motivated learners. We wanted to share a little more of their journey, and what the future holds.

Raintree's media mentions - tech + design

We have some real exciting highlights in our Q2’19  media roundup. From tech to architecture to design, we’re reaching across the Raintree family to bring you our project’s latest news. We’re particularly proud to celebrate our co-founder Hok Kang on recognition of his entrepreneurial and creative journey so far, including Wallpaper*, Southeast Asia Globe, D+A magazine and more! Read our full editorials from local to international media mentions here >>