TOP 10: Architecture Photography Challenge in Phnom Penh

Raintree’s Away Day last month marked our inaugural Architecture Photography Challenge, celebrating the architecture and design of the capital. We believe incredible architectural inspiration is right on our doorstep - so for our summer ‘Away Day’ this year, we collaborated with Khmer Architecture Tours to get out of the office and experience our landmarks first-hand, to spur our own creative learning.

Raintree's media mentions - tech + design

We have some real exciting highlights in our Q2’19  media roundup. From tech to architecture to design, we’re reaching across the Raintree family to bring you our project’s latest news. We’re particularly proud to celebrate our co-founder Hok Kang on recognition of his entrepreneurial and creative journey so far, including Wallpaper*, Southeast Asia Globe, D+A magazine and more! Read our full editorials from local to international media mentions here >>

5 everyday objects transformed into design wonders

Although one might not imagine it today, Phnom Penh once heralded the "little Paris of Asia" was an architectural golden child of the 1950s and 60s. Cambodia more widely, was known as a country with rich and diverse architecture since the mid 20th century, with several institutional and iconic buildings constructed during the French colonial era across many provinces in the nation. One of the most notable and celebrated Khmer architects - Vann Molyvann - was particularly prolific in the 60s, many of whose projects can be found in Phnom Penh. What may be surprising, is the inspiration for many of these buildings borne from Khmer objects found in everyday life.