This year is a wrap! Raintree reviews 2017

After a hectic start to 2017, we’ve had a chance to reflect on what has been one crazzzy year. The team hit some big milestones with our design and construction completed in just 12 months, launching the development in autumn and finally our grand opening last December. It has been a rollercoaster ride filled with both challenges, learnings and accomplishments. Take a look at our review of 2017 here.

It’s almost here… Countdown to **Christmas @ Raintree**

With just 8 days to go, Team Raintree have turned into veritable Santa’s elves in preparation for our biggest party this year. From artists to musicians to mixologists, our Canopy is a hive of Christmas activity ahead of our event on the 1st and 2nd of December. To maximise the merriment, we have some of the best eats in town who will be cooking and stirring up a storm for you all weekend. Have a look at the run down of treats below, along with some of the fun activities we have in store for our family fun day (Saturday 2nd December).

** Christmas @ Raintree ** is here!

For the first time since opening, we’re inviting everyone up to the Raintree rooftop for some Cambodian Christmas cheer. We’ll be transforming the Canopy and the Crown into a festival filled with food, pop-up stalls, music and laughter. Find out more about our awesome pop-up vendors, brands and entrepreneurs in this first of two blog features.

Cambodia riding the Valley wave?

Cambodia riding the Valley wave?

Cambodia has seen a sharp rise in entrepreneurial and tech competitions over the past decade. They come in various forms, from one-day pitches, two-day hackathons, to several rounds over several months. They also target different demographics from as early as secondary school students, through more mature business professionals. While venture capital is still in its infancy in Cambodia (at least by the Silicon Valley definition), competitions are a positive sign of things to come. Here's an overview of some of the startup competitions in Cambodia that Raintree has been excited to engage with this year.

Raintree’s media mentions - beyond our shores

For our next installation of Raintree’s media coverage, we’re excited to start making our way slowly beyond Cambodian shores. Now all our office tenants are settling into their new professional home and we’re putting some final design touches to the project, here’s a run down of our recent features from International Property Magazine to one of our all-time favourite publications, Monocle Magazine.